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W.L. Mackenzie King

W.L. Mackenzie King: A Bibliography and Research Guide

George F. Henderson
Copyright Date: 1998
Pages: 392
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    W.L. Mackenzie King
    Book Description:

    In this volume Henderson provides comprehensive lists of books, articles, and other material written by King or about him and his era, and includes a series of appendices relating to studies on King and miscellaneous material pertaining to his life and career.

    eISBN: 978-1-4426-5758-8
    Subjects: History, Political Science, Bibliography

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  3. Foreword
    (pp. ix-x)
    John N. Turner

    I am honoured to contribute a Foreword to this bibliography and research guide prepared by George Henderson, a senior archivist at Queen’s University.

    Mackenzie King ranks with Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir Wilfrid Laurier among Canada’s three greatest prime ministers. Yet, in my judgment, almost a half century after his death, he remains perhaps our most underestimated prime minister.

    For almost thirty years, from his election as leader of the Liberal Party in August 1919 until he retired as prime minister in November 1948, having served in that office for 7,829 days, longer than any other prime minister in...

  4. Preface
    (pp. xi-xvi)
    George F. Henderson
  5. Chronology of Mackenzie King’s Life
    (pp. xvii-xx)
  6. Location Symbols and Abbreviations
    (pp. xxi-xxiv)

    • SECTION A Books
      (pp. 3-34)

      This section contains descriptions of the five books written by Mackenzie King and published in Canada, Great Britain, the United States, and France. The books are arranged chronologically by date of publication and printings within editions.

      Full bibliographic details are provided for each of the five books. In addition, a section of notes on each book outlines its publishing history, including such information as when King first conceived the idea of writing the book and other details relating to the preparation of the manuscript.

      A list of reviews of King’s books is provided at the end of each title....

    • SECTION B Articles
      (pp. 35-76)

      This section contains a chronological listing of the newspaper and periodical articles written by Mackenzie King from his days as a university student until shortly before his death.

      Most of the newspaper and journal articles written by Mackenzie King were unsigned. They have been identified by comparing references in the diary and correspondence with the appropriate newspaper or journal for the days following their mention in either of the above sources.

      An asterisk before an article indicates that it was unsigned....

    • SECTION C Government Reports
      (pp. 77-80)

      While still a student at Harvard University, Mackenzie King was asked by Sir William Mulock, the federal postmaster general, to prepare a report on Canadian government clothing contracts. Later King was the sole commissioner of six royal commissions appointed to investigate subjects ranging from the hours of employment at Bell Telephone Company of Canada to industrial disputes in the province of Quebec. In addition, King wrote reports on several other special subjects for the federal government.

      The reports in this section are arranged chronologically....

    • SECTION D The Mackenzie King Diaries
      (pp. 81-85)

      On September 6, 1893, Mackenzie King, who was just beginning his third year at the University of Toronto, purchased a diary. Later that same day he made the first entry in it: ‘After having been told by many that I could never keep a diary, I decided to make, at least, an attempt.’⁹⁰

      On page 1 he wrote:

      This diary is to containa very brief sketchof the events, actions, feelings and thoughts of my daily life. It must above all bea true and faithful account.The chief object of my keeping this diary is that I may...

    • SECTION E Editorial Work
      (pp. 86-87)

      During his lifetime Mackenzie King was editor of three periodicals. The entries for the three periodicals are arranged chronologically....

    • SECTION F Published Speeches
      (pp. 88-141)

      This section contains a chronological list of the speeches of Mackenzie King that were published separately, as pamphlets. It does not include texts of speeches or excerpts of speeches contained in periodicals or other publications.

      Locations of copies of the speeches in Canadian libraries have been provided. If no copy has been located in a Canadian library, the location in the King Papers has been indicated....

    • SECTION G Compilations of Canadian Government Publications Containing Speeches and Other Documents Issued by Mackenzie King
      (pp. 142-143)

      During his long political career, Mackenzie King represented five ridings in the House of Commons: Waterloo North (Ontario), 1908–1911, Prince (Prince Edward Island), 1919–1921, York North (Ontario), 1921–1925, Prince Albert (Saskatchewan), 1926–1945, and Glengarry (Ontario), 1945–1949.

      Verbatim transcripts of all addresses delivered in the House of Commons are printed in:...

    • SECTION H The William Lyon Mackenzie King Papers
      (pp. 144-149)

      The William Lyon Mackenzie King Papers¹⁰⁴ are located in the National Archives of Canada. The first section of the 232-metre collection was transferred by King to the National Archives in October 1946. On July 22, 1975, the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death, the ownership of the papers was transferred to the Crown. The King Papers are divided into public and personal sections.¹⁰⁵

      Jacqueline Neatby, who worked on the sorting and classifying of the King Papers for about fifteen years, has described the collection this way: ‘Mr King’s life is so richly documented that I think this collection is a unique...

    • SECTION I Theses
      (pp. 150-150)

      Mackenzie King wrote two graduate theses: one for the Master of Arts degree at the University of Toronto in 1897 and the other for the Doctor of Philosophy degree at Harvard University in 1909....

    • SECTION J Sound Recordings
      (pp. 151-161)

      Recordings of over one hundred of Mackenzie King’s speeches and statements have been preserved in sound archives. Most of the records are among the holdings of audiovisual materials at the National Archives of Canada. Copies of a few of them have been located in other repositories, including the British Broadcasting Corporation Sound Archives, the Milo Ryan Phonoarchive at the University of Washington, the Queen’s University Archives, and the G. Robert Vincent National Voice Library.

      The list of recording has been arranged chronologically....

    • SECTION K Prefaces, Forewords, and Introductions by Mackenzie King
      (pp. 162-163)

      Mackenzie King wrote prefaces, forewords, and introductions for several books and publications during his lifetime.

      The entries in this section have been arranged chronologically....

    • SECTION L Speeches and Letters Contained in Larger Works
      (pp. 164-173)

      A number of Mackenzie King’s speeches and letters have been published in larger works. For the most part they have appeared only in the books and government publications listed below.

      The entries in this section have been arranged chronologically, and the page references of the material by King have been listed unless there are too many items by King in a single document to provide detailed references to each King speech or letter....

    • SECTION M Miscellaneous
      (pp. 174-180)

      A few items do not fit easily into any of the other sections of writings by Mackenzie King. Thus, they have been listed in this final section of Part 1. Entries are arranged chronologically....


    • SECTION N Books and Pamphlets about Mackenzie King and His Era
      (pp. 183-198)

      This section contains an alphabetical listing of all books and pamphlets on Mackenzie King. In addition, a substantial number of important books related to the Mackenzie King era have been included.

      This section also includes a number of important reviews of books about Mackenzie King because in most cases they are significant contributions to the literature of King and his era in Canadian history....

    • SECTION O Articles about Mackenzie King
      (pp. 199-248)

      This section contains an alphabetical listing of periodical and newspaper articles about Mackenzie King, as well as a selection of articles relating to important aspects of the King era. A subtantial number of reviews of books about King are also included.

      A bibliographer always has a difficult decision to make regarding newspaper articles. A significant number of articles about King, most of which appeared after his death, are presented here. It is felt that some of these articles contribute to a better understanding of Mackenzie King and his times; they – and sometimes even their titles alone – offer insight into the...

    • SECTION P Books with Sections Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 249-264)

      This section contains an alphabetical listing of books containing chapters or significant sections relating to Mackenzie King....

    • SECTION Q Mackenzie King in Fiction
      (pp. 265-267)

      Mackenzie King appears as a fictionalized character in several books. The listing of these titles is arranged alphabetically by author....

    • SECTION R Theses and Dissertations about Mackenzie King and His Era
      (pp. 268-272)

      This section contains an alphabetical listing of theses and dissertations about Mackenzie King as well as several significant aspects of the Mackenzie King era. If a major part of the thesis has been published, a note with a cross-reference to the book has been provided.

      Information about the availability of the theses for purchase and borrowing by interlibrary loan has been provided. All theses with a ‘TC,’ ‘TH,’ or ‘TJ’ number may be purchased from Micromedia Limited, Toronto....

    • SECTION S Newsreels with Material Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 273-287)

      More than one hundred incidents in Mackenzie King’s life have been preserved on motion picture film in newsreels. The newsreels date from the early 1920s to King’s funeral on July 26, 1950. The material in this section is listed chronologically. The newsreels are on file at the National Archives of Canada and the United States National Archives.

      Information about four videocassettes and educational kits has also been included at the end of this section....

    • SECTION T Sound Recordings Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 288-289)

      Several recordings of interviews relating to Mackenzie King or ‘talking-book’ editions of books about King are available in Canadian archives and libraries. These recordings are listed alphabetically by the name of the author or interviewee....

    • SECTION U The Mackenzie King Photograph Collection in the National Archives of Canada
      (pp. 290-290)

      The Mackenzie King Photograph Collection at the National Archives of Canada contains approximately 25,000 photographs. This collection documents the life and career of Mackenzie King from his days as a university student to his death in 1950. The collection contains extensive coverage of his work as Deputy Minister of Labour (1900–1908), Minister of Labour (1909–1911), consultant for the Rockefeller Foundation (1914–1917), and Prime Minister of Canada (1921–1926, 1926–1930, and 1935–1948).

      In addition, there is a substantial collection of photographs of John and Isabel King and other members of the King family. There is also...

    • SECTION V Books Dedicated to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 291-294)

      During his lifetime several books were dedicated to Mackenzie King. In this section the list of these books is arranged chronologically....

    • SECTION W Poems Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 295-296)

      Throughout the years a number of poems about Mackenzie King have been published. Entries in this section are arranged alphabetically by author....

    • SECTION X Plays Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 297-297)

      In recent years at least three plays about Mackenzie King have been written. All of them have been performed in Toronto. They are arranged here alphabetically by author....

    • SECTION Y Radio and Television Programs Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 298-302)

      Since 1948 a number of radio and television programs about Mackenzie King have been broadcast. In this section the programs are arranged chronologically. Details about the programs, including the persons being interviewed, are provided. Locations of recordings or videotapes are also listed....

    • SECTION Z Unpublished Material Relating to Mackenzie King
      (pp. 303-306)

      A number of unpublished items about Mackenzie King have been located. In this section the material is arranged alphabetically by the author’s name. The location of a copy of each item is also provided....


    • SECTION AA Appendix 1: Article by Mackenzie King about His Work as a Reporter for The Globe
      (pp. 309-311)
    • SECTION BB Appendix 2: Mackenzie King’s Proposed Books
      (pp. 312-324)
    • SECTION CC Appendix 3: The Serialized Articles and Biography by Reginald Hardy
      (pp. 325-328)
    • SECTION DD Appendix 4: The Official Biography
      (pp. 329-332)
    • SECTION EE Appendix 5: Memoranda Prepared for Use by the Official Biographer
      (pp. 333-343)
    • SECTION FF Appendix 6: Books in the Mackenzie King Library
      (pp. 344-344)
  10. Index
    (pp. 345-367)