Social Infrastructure and Vulnerability in the Suburbs
Book Description:

Social Infrastructure and Vulnerability in the Suburbsexamines how the combination of the low-density, car-centric geography of outer suburbs and neoliberal governance in the past several decades has affected disadvantaged populations in North American metro areas. Taking the example of York Region, a large outer suburb north of Toronto, the authors provide a spatial analysis that illuminates the invisible geography of vulnerability in the region.

The volume examines access to social services by vulnerable groups who are not usually associated with the suburbs: recent immigrants, seniors, and low-income families. Investigating their access to four types of social infrastructure - education, employment, housing, and settlement services - this book presents a range of policy recommendations for how to address the social inequalities that characterize contemporary outer suburbs.

eISBN: 978-1-4426-2263-0
Subjects: Political Science, Geography, Sociology