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Cape Bretoniana

Cape Bretoniana: An Annotated Bibliography

Compiled by Brian Douglas Tennyson
Copyright Date: 2005
Pages: 550
  • Book Info
    Cape Bretoniana
    Book Description:

    This bibliography will help to ensure that ? even in a world becoming increasingly homogenized by the forces of globalization ? unique cultural identities like Cape Breton's can be preserved and nurtured.

    eISBN: 978-1-4426-7270-3
    Subjects: History

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  3. Introduction
    (pp. ix-2)
    Brian Douglas Tennyson

    This bibliography attempts the impossible, namely to provide a comprehensive listing of published material relating to Cape Breton. The task of compiling it has proven to be a mammoth one, involving more than four years of research, a fact which begs the question of why it was done. Cape Breton is, as most readers of this book will be aware, a unique community whose history and ethnic composition have resulted in a powerful sense of identity and place. While much nonsense is generated about this history and culture by ambitious tourism promoters and poorly informed if well-meaning enthusiasts, there can...

  4. CHAPTER 1 General
    (pp. 3-17)

    1. ALGAR, Dave. Dave Algar talks about beaver.Cape Breton’s Magazine, 15 (December 1976), 13–15, 22. Illus. Fns.

    Personal observations & interpretation of beaver habits in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

    2. ANONYMOUS. A guide to Issues 1 to 50 of Cape Breton’s Magazine.Cape Breton’s Magazine, 40 (January 1989), 53–62. Illus.

    Index to first fifty issues.

    3. – Edible wildberries of Cape Breton.Cape Breton’s Magazine, 8 (June 1974), inside front cover. Illus.

    Describes various wild berries & gives recipes for making jelly & jam.

    4. – Planning a vegetable garden.Cape Breton’s Magazine, 3 (March 1973), 7–9. Illus.

    Several local gardeners give...

  5. CHAPTER 2 Mi’kmaq
    (pp. 18-41)

    130. ADNEY, Edwin Tappen & Howard I Chapelle. The Micmac birch bark canoe.Cape Breton’s Magazine, 10 (April 1975), back cover, 6–12. Illus. Extract from ‘Bark canoes and skin boats of North America,’Smithsonian Museum Bulletin, 230 (1964), 1–242.

    Describes its design & construction.

    131. ANONYMOUS. Beavers.Folk-Lore, 2:2 (June 1891), 248. Extract from Pierre Maillard,An account of the customs and manners of the Micmakis and Maricheets savage nations, now dependent on the government of Cape-Breton. From an original French manuscript-letter, never published, written by a French abbot, who resided many years, in quality of missionary, amongst them. To which are...

  6. CHAPTER 3 Early History
    (pp. 42-52)

    Much of the literature on this period discusses the voyages and discoveries of John and Sebastian Cabot. Only a sampling, focusing on the question of whether or not the Cabots first landed on Newfoundland or Cape Breton, is listed here. A useful reference for early publications, containing 579 entries, is George Parker Winship,Cabot bibliography with an introductory essay on the careers of the Cabots(New York: Dodd Mead/London: Stevens, Son & Stiles, 1900; reprinted New York: Burt Franklin, 1964).

    318. ALEXANDER, Sir William.An encouragement to colonies. London, 1624, 27pp. Reprinted in David Laing (ed),Royal letters, charters, and tracts relating...

  7. CHAPTER 4 French Regime
    (pp. 53-150)

    405. ADAMS, Blaine.Artisans at Louisbourg. Ottawa: Parks Canada, 1972, 125pp. Maps. Fns. Refs. Apps. Manuscript Report 98.

    Profiles of craftsmen & their origins.

    406. – Jean-Baptiste-Louis Le Prévost Duquesnel.Dictionary of Canadian biography(Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1974), 3:392–3.

    Biography of French naval officer who served as commandant of Ile Royale in 1740s.

    407. – The construction and occupation of the barracks of the King’s Bastion at Louisbourg.Canadian Historic Sites Occasional Papers in Archeology & History, 18 (1978), 59–147. Illus. Maps. Fns. Biblio. Apps. Also published as ‘Construction et occupation des casernes du bastion du roi.’Lieux historiques canadiens cahiers...

  8. CHAPTER 5 British Regime
    (pp. 151-187)

    1241. ADAM, Margaret I. The causes of the Highland emigrations of 1783–1803.Scottish Historical Review, 17:66 (January 1920), 73–89. Fns.

    Background to Scottish settlement.

    1242. ALMON, Albert. The Cape Breton giant.Cape Breton Mirror, 1:2 (January 1952), 12–14; 1:3 (February 1952),12–13; 1:4 (March 1952), 12–13. Illus.

    Biography of Angus MacAskill.

    1243. – Wreck of the Irish emigrant ship at Baline Head.Cape Breton Mirror, 1:9 (August 1952), 23.

    Brief account ofProvidenceshipwreck in 1788.

    1244. ANONYMOUS. Abstract from the statistical returns received by the sheriff of the County of Cape Breton … Nova Scotia. Public Archives of Nova...

  9. CHAPTER 6 Canadian Regime
    (pp. 188-314)

    1549. ABBASS, John. ‘Who do you think you are? Johnny Abbass?’Cape Breton’s Magazine, 58 (August 1991), 1–12, 88–96. Illus. Notes.

    Recollections of well-known Sydney photographer/businessman.

    1550. ABERDEEN, Isabelle, Countess of.The Canadian journal of Lady Aberdeen, 1893–1989. Toronto: Champlain Society, 1960, 517pp. Illus. Fns. Index. Edited by John T Saywell. Excerpt reprinted in Brian Tennyson (ed),Impressions of Cape Breton(Sydney: UCCB Press, 1986), 227–32.

    Private journal of wife of Governor General Lord Aberdeen.

    Includes impressions of Cape Breton from October 1897 visit.

    1551. ADAMS, George Matthew.Glimpses of Nova Scotia. Halifax: Bureau of Information, 1932, 32pp. Illus....

  10. CHAPTER 7 Coal and Steel
    (pp. 315-394)

    2694. ABBOTT, Kirby.South side Cape Breton miners: a sociological summary of pre 1879 to 1951 transformations. Unpublished MA thesis, Carleton University, 1985, 362pp. Fns. Biblio.

    Attempts to explain why miners were once so strong & radical but became weak & moderate.

    2695. – The coal miners and the law in Nova Scotia: from the 1864 Combination of Workmen Act to the 1947 Trade Union Act. Michael Earle (ed),Workers and the state in twentieth century Nova Scotia(Fredericton: Acadiensis Press, 1989), 24–46. Fns.

    History of legal intervention in coal industry.

    2696. ACHESON, TW. The National Policy and the industrialization of the Maritimes, 1880–...

  11. CHAPTER 8 Local
    (pp. 395-483)

    3363. AKSIM, Mary. Choice 18th century accents.Canadian Antiques Collector, 7:1 (January/February 1972), 41–2. Illus.

    Describes reproduction furniture displayed at King’s Bastion, Fortress of Louisbourg

    3364. ALMON, Albert.Rochefort Point: a silent city in Louisbourg. Glace Bay: privately published, 1940, 44pp. Illus.

    Describes 1939 ceremonies unveiling memorials at French & British cemeteries.

    3365. – The birth of wireless in America.Cape Breton Mirror, 1:12 (November 1952), 7, 18, 20; 2:1 (December 1952), 7. Illus.

    Story of Marconi’s wireless research at Glace Bay.

    3366. ANDERSON, Eleanor L.Broughton: Cape Breton’s ghost town. NP [Glace Bay?]: privately published, nd, 91pp. Illus. Map. Biblio.

    History of town &...

  12. CHAPTER 9 Religion
    (pp. 484-535)

    4202. AITKEN, E Melville.In memoriam Rev John Pringle, DD, LLD,1852–1935. Sydney: privately published, 1935, 39pp. Illus.

    Biography & excerpts from writings of Presbyterian minister who served St Andrew’s United [Sydney] for many years, was well-known army chaplain during First World War, & was elected moderator.

    4203. ALEXANDER, Anne McDonald.The Antigonish movement: Moses Coady and adult education today. Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing, 1997, 247pp. Illus. Fns. Apps. Biblio. Index.

    Biography of Cape Breton priest, his role in creating Antigonish Movement, & discussion of its current relevance.

    4204. – The meaning of liberation in adult education as revealed by Moses Coady and the Antigonish...

  13. CHAPTER 10 Culture
    (pp. 536-683)

    4671. AKERMAN, Jeremy. Wake up coaltown. Lesley Choyce,The Cape Breton collection(Porter’s Lake: Pottersfield Press, 1984), 18–26.

    Short story set in mining community.

    4672. – Wednesday’s child. Lesley Choyce (ed),The Pottersfield portfolio(Porter’s Lake: Pottersfield Press, 1980), 2:34–5.

    Short story set in Cape Breton mining town.


    4674. ANDERSON, Eleanor.SeeMACDONALD, Helen C.

    4675. ANDERSON, MJ. Letters to the world: the writings of Alistair MacLeod.Arts Atlantic38, 10:2 (Fall 1990), 51–2. Illus.

    Profile of Cape Breton writer.

    4676. ANONYMOUS. [LG][A Brief] journal of the taking of Cape-Breton, put in metre, by LG,...

  14. CHAPTER 11 Genealogy
    (pp. 684-694)

    6134. ANONYMOUS. Denys de la Thibaudière.Revue Franco-Américaine, 8:6 (April 1912), 442–6.

    Genealogy of Denys family.

    6135. –Genealogical history St Mary’s Parish, Glendale, Nova Scotia. Antigonish: Formac, 1977, 100pp. Illus.

    Parish history & genealogical information on local families.

    6136. –Middle River cemetery Middle River, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Middle River: Middle River Area Historical Society, 1997, 291pp. Illus. Map.

    Pictures of headstones with inscriptions, plus index of all names.

    6137. –The Huntington family in America: a genealogical memoir of the known descendants of Simon Huntington from 1663 to 1915. Hartford [CT]: Huntington Family Association, 1915, 1205pp. Index.


    6138. ARNAUD, Etienne. Notice...

  15. References
    (pp. 695-698)
  16. Author Index
    (pp. 699-746)
  17. Subject Index
    (pp. 747-789)