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Expositions of the Psalms

Expositions of the Psalms: Volume 63

Edited by Dominic Baker-Smith
Translated and annotated by Michael J. Heath
Volume: 63
Copyright Date: 1997
Pages: 480
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    Expositions of the Psalms
    Book Description:

    Erasmus stresses the role of the psalms as a comfort in tribulation and an exhortation to piety ? in the very specific meaning that he gives to that word. He remains ever concerned about how the psalms relate to each individual in the conduct of his or her life.

    eISBN: 978-1-4426-7474-5
    Subjects: History, Religion

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  3. Preface
    (pp. ix-xii)
  4. Introduction
    (pp. xiii-lxxii)
    Dominic Baker-Smith

    In light of the central place in the career of Desiderius Erasmus accorded to his Greek-based Latin New Testament text of 1516, theNovum instrumentum, it is hardly surprising that relatively little notice has been taken of hisEnarratio in primum psalmum, which preceded it by half a year. Yet this work, dedicated to Beatus Rhenanus and printed by his fellow Alsatian Matthias Schürer in a volume ofLucubrationes– literally, ‘works by lamplight’ – is in fact Erasmus’ first published commentary on a biblical text. As such it marks a new phase in his intellectual preoccupations. 1515 was, in...

  5. AN EXPOSITION OF THE FIRST PSALM, ‘BLESSED THE MAN,’ PRINCIPALLY ON THE TROPOLOGICAL LEVEL Enarratio in primum psalmum, ‘Beatus vir,’ iuxta tropologiam potissimum
    (pp. 1-64)

    Divine wisdom is a very different thing from human wisdom, and similarly the language of the Holy Spirit is very different from that of the human heart. Nothing is richer than that heavenly eloquence, but it reveals its treasures only to a diligent, eager investigator whose curiosity, none the less, must be of such a kind that he treats all that he finds with love and respect. Accordingly, anyone setting out to expound the sacred psalms of the prophets must remember that he is not dealing with the hymns of Orpheus or Homer,¹ which relate to a pagan cult, but...

  6. A COMMENTARY ON THE SECOND PSALM, ‘WHY DID THE NATIONS RAGE?’ Commentarius in psalmum 2, ‘Quare fremuerunt gentes?’
    (pp. 65-146)

    Before I embark on an exposition of this psalm, it will perhaps be useful, and at the same time not disagreeable to the diligent reader, to have a few words of introduction: first, on the position of the psalm, second, on its heading, and, finally, on its subject.

    The Hebrews place the Psalms in a particular order which is said to have been assigned to them by Esdras,¹ who performed the same service for the Hebrews’ mystic hymns as Aristarchus did for Homer’s poetry.² The order is the same in Hebrew and in the Septuagint, but it is not at...

  7. A PARAPHRASE ON THE THIRD PSALM, ‘O LORD, HOW HAVE MY TORMENTORS MULTIPLIED!’ Paraphrasis in tertium psalmum, ‘Domine quid multiplicati’
    (pp. 147-168)

    ‘O Lord, how have my tormentors multiplied!’ O Lord God, who can accomplish with a nod¹ whatever you desire, whose will none can resist, whose counsel is unfathomable, even to the angels: though Lord of all and creator of all things, you have set us apart from all the nations as your chosen people and, through the blood of your only begotten Son, have claimed this people for yourself, although we were mean and powerless in the eyes of the world; you require us to abandon the world and depend on your aid alone. Therefore hear, I pray, the complaint...

  8. A SERMON ON THE FOURTH PSALM In psalmum quartum concio
    (pp. 169-276)

    Dear brothers in the Lord: interpretation of this psalm is fraught with difficulties, and we must therefore give it all our attention; if not, you will be deprived of much pleasure and profit, and I shall have laboured in vain to instruct you. In order to enjoy the kernel of a nut, you do not begrudge the small effort involved in removing the hard shell and bitter rind; you should not therefore be reluctant to concentrate your thoughts for a while, in order to feed them with the wholesome and delicious nourishment which this psalm offers you. The Holy Spirit...

    (pp. 278-278)
    (pp. 279-282)
  11. Index of Biblical and Apocryphal References
    (pp. 283-297)
  12. General Index
    (pp. 298-305)
  13. Back Matter
    (pp. 306-306)