Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts
Book Description:

Anglo-Saxon Manuscriptsis the first publication to list every surviving manuscript or manuscript fragment written in Anglo-Saxon England between the seventh and the eleventh centuries or imported into the country during that time. Each of the 1,291 entries in Helmut Gneuss and Michael Lapidge'sBibliographicalHandlistnot only details the origins, contents, current location, script, and decoration of the manuscript, but also provides bibliographic entries that list facsimiles, editions, linguistic analyses, and general studies relevant to that manuscript. A general bibliography, designed to provide full details of author-date references cited in the individual entries, includes more than 4,000 items.

Compiled by two of the field's greatest living scholars, the Gneuss-LapidgeBibliographical Handliststands to become the most important single-volume research tool to appear in the field since Greenfield and Robinson'sBibliography of Publications on Old English Literature. Their achievement in the present book will endure for many decades and serve as a catalyst for new research across several disciplines.

eISBN: 978-1-4426-1628-8
Subjects: Language & Literature, History