The Agon of Interpretations
Book Description:

Written by a team of leading international scholars,The Agon of Interpretationsexplores the challenges and possibilities of critical intercultural hermeneutics in a globalized world. Editor Ming Xie and writers from eight countries on five continents not only lay out the importance of critical hermeneutics to intercultural understanding but also probe the conditions under which a hermeneutics that is both intercultural and critical can be possible.

The contributors examine and define critical intercultural hermeneutics as an emerging field from a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives, including phenomenology, critical theory, sociology, object-oriented ontology, and pragmatism. The essays combine philosophical argumentation with historical and intellectual inquiry. Together, the contributors toThe Agon of Interpretationsdemonstrate the value of critical intercultural hermeneutics for enabling intercultural communication, engagement, and understanding.

eISBN: 978-1-4426-9630-3
Subjects: Philosophy, Language & Literature, Anthropology