Rituals of Islamic Monarchy
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A history of the ceremony of the oath of allegiance to the caliph from the time of the Prophet Muhammad until the fragmentation of the caliphate in the late 9th and 10th centuries._x000B_Blurb by author:_x000B_Rituals of Islamic Monarchy is the first full-length study of the rituals by which the caliphs were made rulers of the early Muslim empire. It is an original contribution to scholarship on early Islam and the Middle East, which gives important insights into the formation of classical Islamic culture and civilisation. It clearly sets out the particular evidential problems of early Islamic history and identifies strategies for overcoming them. It also engages with the problem of how Islamic history relates to the history of the pre-Islamic Middle East, arguing for the importance of the pre-Islamic, Arabian context of early Islam, as well as a wider perspective that takes in the legacy of the pre-Islamic empires of Rome and Iran.

eISBN: 978-0-7486-3077-6
Subjects: Religion