Excursions in Classical Analysis
Book Description:

Excursions in Classical Analysis will introduce students to advanced problem solving and undergraduate research in two ways: it will provide a tour of classical analysis, showcasing a wide variety of problems that are placed in historical context, and it will help students gain mastery of mathematical discovery and proof. The author presents a variety of solutions for the problems in the book. Some solutions reach back to the work of mathematicians like Leonhard Euler while others connect to other beautiful parts of mathematics. Readers will frequently see problems solved by using an idea that might at first glance, not even seem to apply to that problem. Other solutions employ a specific technique that can be used to solve many different kinds of problems. Excursions emphasizes the rich and elegant interplay between continuous and discrete mathematics by applying induction, recursion, and combinatorics to traditional problems in classical analysis.

eISBN: 978-0-88385-935-3
Subjects: Mathematics