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Reviewed Works: Charlotte Perkins Gilman: A Biography by Cynthia J. Davis; Dr. Mary Walker: An American Radical, 1832––1919 by Sharon M. Harris; Race, Gender, and Comparative Black Modernism: Suzanne Lacascade, Marita Bonner, Suzanne Césaire, Dorothy West by Jennifer M. Wilks; Improper Modernism: Djuna Barnes's Bewildering Corpus by Daniela Caselli; Owning Up: Privacy, Property, and Belonging in U.S. Women's Life Writing, 1840––1890 by Katherine Adams; Sex Expression and American Women Writers, 1860––1940 by Dale M. Bauer; Fictions of Female Education in the Nineteenth Century by Jaime Osterman Alves; Selected Writings of Victoria Woodhull: Suffrage, Free Love, and Eugenics by Cari M. Carpenter; Rebecca Harding Davis's Stories of the Civil War Era: Selected Writings from the Borderlands by Sharon M. Harris, Robin L. Cadwallader; Women Writers of the Provincetown Players: A Collection of Short Works by Judith E. Barlow
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Vol. 28, No. 1 (2011), pp. 136-158 (23 pages)
Published By: University of Nebraska Press
DOI: 10.5250/legacy.28.1.0136
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