Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology
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Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology: Volume 6 was first published in 1972. Continuing the series of publications based on papers given at the annual Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology sponsored by the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota, this volume contains material from six papers given by nine contributors at the 1971 symposium. For each of the annual symposia a number of outstanding child psychologists are invited to present papers dealing with their respective programs of research. The contents of this volume: “Summative Research of Sesame Street: Implications for the Study of Preschool Children” by Samuel Ball and Gerry Ann Bogatz, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey; “Motivation, Reinforcement, and Problem Solving in Children” by E. Kuno Beller, Temple University; “Acquiring Components of Visually Guided Behavior” by Alan Hein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; “Emotional Behavior and Development in the First Year of Life: An Analysis of Arousal, Approach-Withdrawal, and Affective Responses” by Henry N. Ricciuti and Robert H. Poresky, Cornell University; “Storage Mechanisms in Early Experience” by William R. Thompson, Queen’s University, Canada; and “Stimulus Control on Children’s Learning” by Thomas J. Tighe and Louise S. Tighe, Dartmouth College.

eISBN: 978-0-8166-6402-3
Subjects: Psychology