Regional Theatre
Book Description:

This is a social history of a recent American cultural phenomenon -- the development since World War II of numerous nonprofit regional theatres which, as a group, have changed the complexion of the American theatre. It is the story of a revolution, now over, and a call for a new purpose to follow it. After a discussion of the background against which the regional theatre movement began, the author traces the histories of individual theatre companies. And yet the book is less about actors, directors, and productions than it is about the struggle to create and sustain new cultural forms, and the tension between regional and central phenomena. Mr. Zeigler sees several related themes: institutionalism -- theatre as a continuing creative organism; decentralization -- the bringing of theatre to all areas of the country; and the development of a National Theatre to serve the entire country. A significant element in the book consists of examination of some of the important funding programs which have aided the development of regional theatres.

eISBN: 978-0-8166-6498-6
Subjects: Performing Arts