Intersecting Boundaries
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Although Adrienne Kennedy's plays are highly regarded in the world of American theater, this is the first major critical study of her work. Topics covered encompass all of Kennedy's writing for the theater and explore her innovative dramaturgy in the context of its intersections with African, modern, postmodern, and contemporary drama, African-American consciousness, and feminist theory in theater. In addition to examining the incredible variety of Kennedy's work and suggesting critical strategies that will support fuller study of her dramatic writing, Intersecting Boundaries demonstrates that only through a collage of critical models can the complexity and richness of her postmodern dramaturgy be illumined. Interviews with persons directly involved in the productions of Kennedy's work emphasize the central role theater artists have had in shaping her plays--ultimately suggesting useful approaches for the production of these compelling dramas. Contents Part I: The Life and Work *Adrienne Kennedy: An Interview. Paul K. Bryant-Jackson and Lois More Overbeck _x000B_*People Who Led to My Plays: Adrienne Kennedy's Autobiography, Werner Sollors _x000B_*The Life of the Work: A Preliminary Sketch, Lois More Overbeck Part II: Intersecting Dramatic Traditions *Kennedy's Travelers in the American and African Continuum, Paul K. Bryant-Jackson _x000B_*Diverse Angles of Vision: Two Black Women Playwrights, Margaret B. Wilkerson _x000B_*Adrienne Kennedy and the First Avant-Garde _x000B_*Adrienne Kennedy Through the Lens of German Expressionism, William R. Elwood _x000B_*Surrealism as Mimesis: A Doctor's Guide to Adrienne Kennedy's Funnyhouse of a Negro, Robert Scanlan Part III: Changing Boundaries: Interpretive Approaches *Locating Adrienne Kennedy: Prefacing the Subject, Kimberly W. Benston _x000B_*Mimesis in Syncopated Time: Reading Adrienne Kennedy, Elin Diamond _x000B_*(Hetero) Sexual Terrors in Adrienne Kennedy's Early Plays, Rosemary Curb _x000B_*Kennedy's Body Politic: The Mulatta, Menses, and the Medusa, Jeanie Forte _x000B_*"A Spectator Watching My Life": Adrienne Kennedy's A Movie Star Has to Star in Black and White, Deborah R. Geis _x000B_*Critical Reflections: Adrienne Kennedy, the Writer, the Work, bell hooks Part IV: Performance as a Collaborative Art *An Interview with Michael Kahn, Howard Stein _x000B_*An Interview with Gaby Rodgers, Howard Stein _x000B_*An Interview with Gerald Freedman, Paul K. Bryant-Jackson _x000B_*An Interview with Billie Allen, Paul K. Bryant-Jackson and Lois More Overbeck _x000B_*Developing a Concert for the Spoken Voice: Solo Voyages, and an Interview with Robbie McCauley, David Willinger _x000B_

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