The Changing Structure of Europe
Book Description:

The Changing Structure of Europe was first published in 1970. A group of University of Minnesota scholars representing various disciplines presents the result of a careful study of Europe in the mid-sixties and a look into the seventies. They examine the major economic, educational, political, and social issues both from an interdisciplinary standpoint and from the viewpoints of their respective specialties. The study is based on extensive travel and research. The book focuses on the question of integration among the nations of Europe -- its extent, the major factors in its success or failure, and the prospects for future developments which will favor or discourage such integration. Major attention is given to the operations of cross-national political, military, and economic organizations, including the European Coal and Steel Community, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Economic Community, and the European Free Trade Association, as well as some of the lesser cross-national entities. Harold Deutsch, a historian, treats political and military relations and institutions; John Turnbull, an economist, discusses economic structures and policies; Philip Raup, an agricultural economist, analyzes agricultural and related developments and institutions; Robert Beck, a professor of educational philosophy, examines educational establishments; and Arnold Rose, a sociologist, discusses social funds and the free movement of labor. Summarizing as it does the significant developments in the important concept of European integration, the book will be illuminating to the general reader and useful, as well, to specialists for its analysis of developments in areas other than their own.

eISBN: 978-0-8166-6144-2
Subjects: History