The Indoor Gardener
Book Description:

This copy appeared in our 1939 Trade Catalog: The author of The Northern Garden Week by Week has now written a practical handbook for use in house, apartment, school, or office. This newspaper columnist and experimenting housewife gives specific directions, based on nineteen years’ experience, for the successful amateur growing and care of plants indoors. Her book covers potting and re-potting, propagating, watering, and feeding the house plants; the plant room, house plant troubles, bulbs (to flower in the windows), and the Wardian case. Sections on all the familiar varieties of plants, with special emphasis on hardy and inexpensive ones. Will appeal to the outdoor gardener as well as to the housewife, teacher, office worker, and interior decorator. Illustrated with line drawings.

eISBN: 978-1-4529-3624-6
Subjects: Botany & Plant Sciences