The Literature of Journalism
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The Literature of Journalism was first published in 1959. This is a general, descriptive bibliography of literature pertaining to journalism in its broadest sense, including not only the traditional media of newspapers and magazines but also radio and television journalism and the related fields of advertising and public relations. The more than 3100 entries are arranged in 13 major categories, with a number of subdivisions within many of the categories. A comprehensive index contains both subject and author entries. In selecting titles for inclusion in the bibliography, Professor Price has been guided to a certain degree by the availability of the works. Most of the books and periodicals listed may be found in a moderately large library. The boundaries of selection were otherwise more flexible than rigid, with one exception -- all of the entries are English-language publications. The basis of the over-all selection is predominantly historical and biographical, with more than two-fifths of all the titles falling in these two categories. The largest single classification is that of biographies and autobiographies of journalists and books about men closely connected with journalism. Other extensive categories are those which consist of general journalistic and individual newspaper history, appraisals of the press, and legal aspects of the press. Several hundred titles relate to British journalism. Well over 100 other titles concern other areas of foreign journalism. The vast majority of the entries are for 20th-century publications, but there are a few 18th- and 19th-century titles. With very few exceptions, the entries are confined to published books in all sections except the one that lists periodicals.

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