Beyond Preservation
Book Description:

“Bold theses promote controversy: this book is sure to find itself at the center of a philosophical firestorm. Are restoration ecologists ‘Lord Man’ reincarnate? Or are they imaginative visionaries in quest of a Leopoldian rapprochement with the land? The essays herein challenge readers to sharpen their thinking and reconsider their place in a complex ecosocial terrain.” --Max Oelschlaeger “The best book on the subject to date.” --Michael Polan, Harper’s Contributors include Gary W. Barrett, Ann Cline, David L. Gorchov, William Jordan III, G. Stanley Kane, Jack Temple Kirby, Dora G. Lodwick, Orie L. Loucks, Kimberly E. Medley, Constance Pierce, Ellen Price, Frederick Turner, John E. Wierwille, and Gene E. Willeke.

eISBN: 978-0-8166-8548-6
Subjects: Environmental Science