Evaluation of the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Program

Evaluation of the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Program: Progress Through 2011 – Summary

John Engberg
Deborah M. Scharf
Susan L. Lovejoy
Hao Yu
Shannah Tharp-Taylor
Copyright Date: 2012
Published by: RAND Corporation
Pages: 10
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    Evaluation of the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Program
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    In 2001, Arkansas ranked 45th of 50 states on a composite score of all health outcomes. Arkansas is now a regional leader in tobacco control. This summary of the final biennial report documents the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Commission’s continued activity and progress, and gauges the effectiveness of the state’s seven health-related programs in the past decade. Included is an evaluation of the changes in health outcomes attributed to these programs.

    eISBN: 978-0-8330-7946-6
    Subjects: Health Sciences

Table of Contents

  1. Evaluation of the Arkansas Tobacco Settlement Program Progress Through 2011 – Summary
    (pp. 1-10)
    John Engberg, Deborah M. Scharf, Susan L. Lovejoy, Hao Yu and Shannah Tharp-Taylor

    In November 1998, U.S. states and the major tobacco companies ended years of prolonged legal disputes by signing the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). Under the terms of the agreement, the tobacco companies agreed to pay participating states more than $206 billion over 25 years. Arkansas’s share of these payments is .828 percent, approximately $1.7 billion, which the state has been receiving since 2000.

    Unique among the states, in Arkansas a commitment was made by both elected officials and the general public to invest its share of the MSA funds in health-related programs. The Tobacco Settlement Proceeds Act, a referendum passed...