Toward a Secure and Stable Mali

Toward a Secure and Stable Mali: Approaches to Engaging Local Actors

Stephanie Pezard
Michael Shurkin
Copyright Date: 2013
Published by: RAND Corporation
Pages: 12
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    Toward a Secure and Stable Mali
    Book Description:

    Discusses how lasting security and stability can be established in northern Mali after the 2012 conflict there, with an emphasis on understanding the different groups that have been involved in the crisis, the drivers of conflict in northern Mali, and how historical examples can offer insights into how to engage local actors in security solutions.

    eISBN: 978-0-8330-8343-2
    Subjects: History, Political Science

Table of Contents

  1. Toward a Secure and Stable Northern Mali Approaches to Engaging Local Actors
    (pp. 1-12)
    Stephanie Pezard and Michael Shurkin

    Although Mali has been a major recipient of U.S. military and development programs for almost a decade, in 2012, a known Al Qa’ida affiliate, Al Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), and largely indigenous Islamist allies, Ansar Dine and the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO), successfully took advantage of Mali’s political instability and military weakness to amass power.¹ Mali’s vaunted democracy, moreover, collapsed in a military coup, while on the northern battlefields, the Malian Army’s performance was disastrous. In other words, all the past assumptions about Mali’s political stability, internal cohesion, and military capabilities were revealed...