Medicines as a Service

Medicines as a Service: A New Commercial Model for Big Pharma in the Postblockbuster World

Soeren Mattke
Lisa Klautzer
Tewodaj Mengistu
Copyright Date: 2012
Published by: RAND Corporation
Pages: 12
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    Medicines as a Service
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    The pharmaceutical industry can reconfigure its considerable resources to develop innovative and meaningful business models that are based on services that improve access and adherence to prescription drugs for common chronic conditions. Such innovation beyond drug development is consistent with the core capabilities of large pharmaceutical companies and has the potential to achieve profit levels similar to those of its traditional models.

    eISBN: 978-0-8330-7646-5
    Subjects: Health Sciences

Table of Contents

  1. Medicines as a Service A New Commercial Model for Big Pharma in the Postblockbuster World
    (pp. 1-12)
    Soeren Mattke, Lisa Klautzer and Tewodaj Mengistu

    The past decade has not been kind to large pharmaceutical companies. Their share prices have been lagging the market after many years of outperforming it (Paul et al., 2010). Many had to undergo painful restructuring and workforce reductions because their traditional blockbuster model, i.e., finding effective medicines for common conditions and selling them in large volumes with substantial margins, is becoming extinct. More and more top-selling drugs are being replaced by cheap generics, and developing new drugs is more difficult and more costly because fewer opportunities exist and research and development (R&D) productivity has declined. Although this diagnosis is not...