Cuban Youth and Revolutionary Values
Book Description:

Drawing on extensive fieldwork in Havana's secondary schools,Cuban Youth and Revolutionary Valuesis a remarkable ethnography, charting the government's attempts to transform a future generation of citizens. While Cuba's high literacy rate is often lauded, the little-known dropout rates among teenagers receive less scrutiny. In vivid, succinct reporting, educational anthropologist Denise Blum now shares her findings regarding this overlooked aspect of the Castro legacy.

Despite the fact that primary-school enrollment rates exceed those of the United States, the reverse is true for the crucial years between elementary school and college. After providing a history of Fidel Castro's educational revolution begun in 1953, Denise Blum delivers a close examination of the effects of the program, which was designed to produce a society motivated by benevolence rather than materialism. Exploring pioneering pedagogy, the notion of civic education, and the rural components of the program,Cuban Youth and Revolutionary Valuesbrims with surprising findings about one of the most intriguing social experiments in recent history.

eISBN: 978-0-292-78483-3
Subjects: Education, History