In the Words of Theodore Roosevelt

In the Words of Theodore Roosevelt: Quotations from the Man in the Arena

Copyright Date: 2012
Edition: 1
Published by: Cornell University Press
Pages: 232
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    In the Words of Theodore Roosevelt
    Book Description:

    The public life of Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) was marked by his service as the twenty-sixth President of the United States, Vice President, Governor of New York State, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, U.S. Civil Service Commissioner, President of the New York City Police Commission, and New York State Assemblyman. In his life outside of government he was famous as an author, naturalist, rancher, big game hunter, and explorer. The twentieth century would become known as the American Century, and it was Theodore Roosevelt, through his foreign policy, who ushered the United States into the ranks of the world's great powers. In domestic affairs, he used his presidential powers to level the playing field between capital and labor, to protect consumers, and to establish a conservation program that was far-sighted and comprehensive, covering the nation's natural resources, its wilderness areas, its endangered species, its scenic beauty, and the cultural artifacts of its indigenous peoples.

    Distilled from Roosevelt's voluminous writings and speeches, In the Words of Theodore Roosevelt is a discerning collection of quotations by this American icon who continues to inspire and captivate an extraordinary array of twenty-first-century Americans. Carefully selected and organized by topic by Patricia O'Toole, these quotations reflect the vast range of Roosevelt's interests, the depth of his wisdom, his almost superhuman energy, and his directness. Many of the issues that Roosevelt addressed-from America's international role to the environment-remain pressing concerns today, giving his century-old words remarkable currency. This singular collection of quotations-enhanced by O'Toole's illuminating introductory essay, notes on biographical and historical context, and bibliographies of Roosevelt's writings-is a trove for writers, teachers, students, and all who recognize Theodore Roosevelt's unique role in U.S. history.

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    Subjects: History

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    Patricia O’Toole
  4. INTRODUCTION: While Daring Greatly
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    Theodore Roosevelt liked to be thought of as a man of action, and that he was. He ranched. He hunted and explored. He fought in a war. And as president of the United States, he exercised his power to the full, maintaining that he was free to pursue any course of action not expressly prohibited by the Constitution.

    Roosevelt was also a man of words. All his life, he read voraciously and wrote prolifically. At ten, he was reading Darwin. At eleven, he conducted his first scientific study and recorded the results in “About Insects and Fishes, Natural History,” a...

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    We cannot do great deeds unless we are willing to do the small things that make up the sum of greatness.

    Address at New York City, May 30, 1899

    We can do a great deal when we undertake, soberly, to do the possible. When we undertake the impossible, we too often fail to do anything at all.

    Address at Chicago, September 3, 1900

    It is true of the nation, as of the individual, that the greatest doer must also be a great dreamer. Of course, if the dream is not followed by action, then it is a bubble; it has...

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  9. INDEX
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