The Attalids of Pergamon
Book Description:

This is a comprehensive political and cultural history of the Hellenistic Attalid dynasty established in 282 B.C. in present-day southwest Turkey after the collapse of the Lysimachian Empire. Originally published in the Cornell Studies in Classical Philology series in 1947, the second edition has been substantially revised to take into account scholarship in the intervening years. Esther V. Hansen addresses the principates of Philetaerus Eumenes I; the reigns of Attalus I and Eumenes II; the last years of the Attalid dynasty; the kingdom of the Attalids, their building activities, art, coinage, and patronage of learning; and the cults of Pergamon.

eISBN: 978-0-8014-6676-2
Subjects: History