Quotations from Classical Authors in Medieval Latin Glossaries
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This study may be regarded as an adjunct to the edition of theLiber Glossarumpublished under the auspices of the British Academy. It has a threefold purpose: (a) to collect in a convenient form the more important citations from classical authors preserved in medieval Latin glossaries; (b) to demonstrate as far as is possible the value and source of these interesting items; (c) to illustrate in a selected group of items the relations between the MSS. of theLiber Glossarumrather more fully than was possible in the edition of the whole work. All the quotation-glosses here printed are taken from theLiber Glossarumand the PP-glossary; but the title of this treatise is fully justified since the few quotation items that are to be found in other glossaries are mentioned at appropriate places.

In theLiber Glossarum, there are numerous items in which passages are cited from authors of the Republican, Augustan, and Silver ages of Latin literature, sometimes from Latin versions of the Bible, and occasionally from Christian poets. The material with which this work is concerned is the residue of quotation-items which remains over when we have accounted for all those which can be traced to a definite and still extant source, like Isidore'sEtymologiaeorDifferentiae. The residue thus defined amounts to just over five hundred items in which, generally speaking, the meaning, gender, or usage of a word or phrase is illustrated by an apposite citation. Our chief aim is to discover the sources from which these items ultimately came and the channels through which they reachedLiber Glossarum. The demonstration of their relation to other works containing ancient lore is incidental to our quest but will perhaps prove equally interesting.

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