Lope de Vega en la invención de España
Book Description:

The idea that Lope de Vega portrayed in his characters different modes of being Spanish in his time has been a commonplace in literary criticism throughout the twentieth century. However, few researchers have looked at the correlation between the image of Spain and the Spanish that the playwright constructs in his plays and the process of forming a national consciousness in Spain in the early seventeenth century. This book explores the role of Lope's plays in the construction of a collective national 'I'. It analyzes the image of Spain and the Spanish created by Lope through constant manipulation of national history, as well as the possible effects of the spread of this image during the seventeenth century. Within this framework, the book examines the way in which Lope addresses issues related to certain key concepts in the development of supposedly national ideals, such as monarchy, religion, social hierarchy and empire. Veronika Ryjik is Assistant Professor of Spanish, Franklin & Marshall College.

eISBN: 978-1-84615-963-3
Subjects: Language & Literature