Chrétien de Troyes
Book Description:

The Supplement builds on and completes the Chrétien de Troyes Bibliography first published in 1976. Together the two volumes constitute the fullest and most complete bibliographical source now available on this major medieval author. Chrétien de Troyes bequeathed a corpus of highly original and widely influential Arthurian romances. Indeed, his direct or indirect influence continued throughout the middle ages and beyond into modern times. The Bibliography permits students of medieval romance to quickly identify the areas in which Chrétien scholarship has been active. Items are listed under twenty-two topics, with numerous sub-sections under each topic, and cross-references for items that treat more than one of the topics. The broad geographic and linguistic scope of modern Chrétien studies is evident in items not only from western Europe and North America, but also from the growing body of medieval scholarship in eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australasia. To ensure accuracy and completeness, the editor has been assisted by scholars competent in the many languages in which Chrétien studies are now published, most notably in Japanese, Welsh, Rumanian, Hungarian and Polish, as well as by other scholars and librarians who generously provided assistance and information in finding items difficult to access.

eISBN: 978-1-84615-040-1
Subjects: History