Góngora's Soledades and the Problem of Modernity
Book Description:

Combining philological rigor with a capacity to engage the most contemporary transatlantic and comparatist concerns, this work situates Luis de Góngora's Soledades within the problematic evolution of Hispanic modernity. As well as offering an insightful analysis of the Soledades as an expression of the Baroque crisis in all its facets -epistemological, ontological, cultural and historical - the author reads the fragmented lyric subject of Gongorist poetics back against Renaissance precursors (Rojas' Celestina and the poetry of Boscán and Garcilaso) and in anticipation of the truncated and isolated subject of modernity. The study concludes with an examination of the interaction between the legacies of Gongorism and French Symbolism in the work of selected poets of the Latin American Vanguard (Gorostiza, Paz and Vallejo). CRYSTAL ANNE CHEMRIS is Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Iowa.

eISBN: 978-1-84615-547-5
Subjects: Language & Literature