Medieval and Renaissance Spain and Portugal
Book Description:

This volume is dedicated to Professor Arthur L-F. Askins, whose scholarship on Spanish and Portuguese literatures of the Medieval and Renaissance periods is esteemed by colleagues around the world. BR> Many North American and European scholars have contributed with essays of an exceptionally high scholarly quality, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, to this wide-ranging tribute, dealing with Spanish and Portuguese literary culture from the end of the fourteenth to the late sixteenth century. Some tackle problems concerning manuscripts, texts, and books; other essays are literary, theoretical, and interpretive in nature; topics range from medieval and Renaissance epic and love poetry to spiritual, travel and chivalric literature, as well as balladry and pliegos sueltos. CONTRIBUTORS: Gemma Avenoza, Nieves Baranda, Vicenç Beltran, Alberto Blecua, Pedro M. Cátedra, Manuel da Costa Fontes, Alan Deyermond, Aida Fernanda Dias, Dru Dougherty, Thomas F. Earle, Charles B. Faulhaber, María del Mar Fernández Vega, Helder Godinho, Angel Gómez Moreno, Thomas R. Hart, Ana Hatherly, David Hook, Victor Infantes, Paul Lewis-Smith, Beatriz Mariscal Hay, Aires A. Nascimento, Joao David Pinto-Correia, Dorothy Sherman Severin, Harvey L. Sharrer. Martha E. Schaffer is Associate Professor of Spanish at the University of San Francisco; Antonio Cortijo Ocaña is Professor of Spanish at the University of California.

eISBN: 978-1-84615-490-4
Subjects: Language & Literature