Performance Incentives
Book Description:

The concept of pay for performance for public school teachers is growing in popularity and use, and it has resurged to once again occupy a central role in education policy.Performance Incentives: Their Growing Impact on American K-12 Educationoffers the most up-to-date and complete analysis of this promising -yet still controversial -policy innovation.

Performance Incentivesbrings together an interdisciplinary team of experts, providing an unprecedented discussion and analysis of the pay-for-performance debate by

• Identifying the potential strengths and weaknesses of tying pay to student outcomes;

• Comparing different strategies for measuring teacher accomplishments;

• Addressing key conceptual and implemen - tation issues;

• Describing what teachers themselves think of merit pay;

• Examining recent examples in Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas;

• Studying the overall impact on student achievement.

eISBN: 978-0-8157-0195-8
Subjects: Education