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American Philosophical Quarterly

Vol. 13, No. 1, Jan., 1976

Table of Contents

  1. Volume Information
  2. Human Needs, Rights and Political Values (pp. 1-11)
    H. J. McCloskey
  3. The Notion of a Practical Inference (pp. 13-21)
    Ronald D. Milo
  4. Nature, Plenitude and Sufficient Reason (pp. 23-31)
    R. H. Kane
  5. The Existence of Mental Objects (pp. 33-40)
    Frank Jackson
  6. The Status of Religious Beliefs (pp. 41-47)
    Frank B. Dilley
  7. On Practice (pp. 49-55)
    José Ferrater-Mora
  8. The Non-Sensuous Epistemic Account of Perception (pp. 57-62)
    J. B. Maund
  9. The Incompatibility of Perception: A Contemporary Orthodoxy (pp. 63-68)
    Stewart Candlish
  10. Listener-Oriented versus Speaker-Oriented Analysis of Conventional Meaning (pp. 69-74)
    Eike Von Savigny
  11. Psychological Egoism (pp. 75-79)
    W. D. Glasgow
  12. Part-of-the-Meaning-of-a-Word (pp. 81-84)
    James F. Harris Jr.
  13. Punishment without Offence (pp. 85-87)
    T. S. Champlin