The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Vol. 34, No. 1, Autumn, 1975

Published by: Wiley on behalf of The American Society for Aesthetics

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter (pp. 1-2)
  2. Editorial (pp. 3-6)
    J. F.
  3. Comparing Evaluations of Works of Art (pp. 7-14)
    Bruce Vermazen
    DOI: 10.2307/428637
  4. Sculpture and Theory in Nineteenth Century France (pp. 15-20)
    Charles W. Millard
    DOI: 10.2307/428638
  5. The Strange Case of John Shmarb: An Aesthetic Puzzle (pp. 21-22)
    Steven M. Cahn and L. Michael Griffel
    DOI: 10.2307/428639
  6. The Strange Case of John Shamarb: Some Further Thoughts (pp. 23-25)
    Gordon Epperson
    DOI: 10.2307/428640
  7. The Strange Case of John Shmarb: An Epilogue and Further Reflections (pp. 27-28)
    Neil Courtney
    DOI: 10.2307/428641
  8. Taste and the Moral Sense (pp. 29-33)
    Marcia Cavell
    DOI: 10.2307/428642
  9. Sense and Sensibility: An Epistemological Approach to the Philosophy of Art History (pp. 35-50)
    Christine McCorkel
    DOI: 10.2307/428643
  10. Aesthetics and Rationality (pp. 51-57)
    Peter Kivy
    DOI: 10.2307/428644
  11. The Aesthetic Theory of Leo Tolstoy's What Is Art? (pp. 59-65)
    Gary R. Jahn
    DOI: 10.2307/428645
  12. On the "Aesthetic Senses" and the Development of Fine Arts (pp. 67-71)
    Carolyn W. Korsmeyer
    DOI: 10.2307/428646
  13. Afterwords: Criticism and Countertheses

  14. Reviews

  15. Books Received (pp. 101-103)
  16. American Society for Aesthetics News (pp. 105-107)
  17. Back Matter