Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers

Vol. 5, No. 1, 1980

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Inner City Futures: An American Dilemma Revisited (pp. 1-28)
    Brian J. L. Berry
    DOI: 10.2307/622095
  3. Consumer Welfare in Periodic Market Systems (pp. 29-44)
    Alan M. Hay and Robert H. T. Smith
    DOI: 10.2307/622096
  4. Complexity and Change in Farm Production Systems: A Somerset Case Study (pp. 45-52)
    C. J. W. Edwards
    DOI: 10.2307/622097
  5. Quaternary Processes and Environments in the upper Thames Valley (pp. 53-65)
    D. J. Briggs and D. D. Gilbertson
    DOI: 10.2307/622098
  6. The Evolution of the Valley of Rocks, North Devon (pp. 66-79)
    D. Dalzell and E. M. Durrance
    DOI: 10.2307/622099
  7. The Role of Stability Analysis in the Interpretation of the Evolution of Threshold Slopes (pp. 100-112)
    M. G. Anderson, K. S. Richards and P. E. Kneale
    DOI: 10.2307/622101
  8. Log-Linear Models in Geography: Comments on the Recent Article by Upton and Fingleton (pp. 113-117)
    Neil Wrigley
    DOI: 10.2307/622102
  9. A Rejoinder to Comments by Dr Wrigley (pp. 118-122)
    G. J. G. Upton and B. Fingleton
    DOI: 10.2307/622103
  10. Obituary

  11. Back Matter