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American Ethnologist

Vol. 26, No. 4, Nov., 1999

Published by: Wiley on behalf of the American Anthropological Association

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter (pp. 797-798)
  2. The Bakers of Bernburg and the Logics of Communism and Capitalism (pp. 799-821)
    Hans Buechler and Judith-Maria Buechler
  3. On Discourse and Power: "Cults" and "Orientals" in Fiji (pp. 843-863)
    Martha Kaplan and John D. Kelly
  4. Tourists as Pilgrims: Commercial Fashioning of Transatlantic Politics (pp. 910-932)
    Paulla A. Ebron
  5. Of Enemies and Pets: Warfare and Shamanism in Amazonia (pp. 933-956)
    Carlos Fausto and David Rodgers
  6. Sensing Locality in Yura: Rituals of Carnival and of the Bolivian State (pp. 957-980)
    Michelle Bigenho
  7. Comments and Reflections

  8. Review Article

    • Some Futures of Anthropology (pp. 984-991)
      The Future of Anthropology: Its Relevance to the Contemporary World by Akbar Ahmed, Cris Shore; Grasping the Changing World: Anthropological Concepts in the Postmodern Era by Vaclav Hubinger; The Future of Anthropological Knowledge by Henrietta Moore
      Review by: Sherry B. Ortner
  9. Reviews

  10. Back Matter (pp. 1037-1040)