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Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Vol. 8, No. 2, Jun., 1994

Published by: Wiley on behalf of the American Anthropological Association

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter (pp. 129-130)
  2. The Spread of Intravenous Drug Use and AIDS in a Neighborhood in Spain (pp. 131-160)
    Juan F. Gamella
  3. Change and Continuity in the Medical Culture of the Hmong in Kansas City (pp. 161-177)
    Lisa L. Capps
  4. Sacred Healing and Biomedicine Compared (pp. 178-197)
    Kaja Finkler
  5. Research Reports

  6. Commentaries

  7. Review Essay

    • Recent Italian Literature in Medical Anthropology (1989-92) (pp. 221-226)
      Medicine e magie: Le tradizioni popolari in Italia (Medicine and Magic: Folk Traditions in Italy) by Tullio Seppilli; Médecine traditionnelle: Acteurs, itinéraires thérapeutiques by Piero Coppo, Arouna Keita; Profeti in città: Etnografia di quattro chiese indipendenti del Ghana (Town Prophets: Ethnography of Four Independent Churches in Ghana) by Pino Schirripa; Itinerari delle emozioni: Corpo e identità femminile nel Sannio campano (Itineraries of Emotions: Women's Bodies and Identity in Sannio, Campania) by Mariella Pandolfi; Sortilegio e delirio: Psicopatologia dell'emigrazione in prospettiva transculturale (Sorcery and Delusion: The Psychopathology of Emigration in Transcultural Perspective by Michele Risso, Wolfang Böker
      Review by: Roberto Beneduce
  8. Book Reviews

  9. Back Matter (pp. 248-256)