The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Vol. 41, No. 4, Dec., 1990

Table of Contents

  1. 'What Place, Then, for a Creator?': Hawking on God and Creation (pp. 473-491)
    William Lane Craig
  2. Discussion

  3. Review Article

    • Experimental Evidence and Psychotherapy (pp. 531-552)
      Mind, Psychoanalysis and Science by P. Clark, C. Wright
      Review by: P. Binns
    • Laws and Causes (pp. 553-573)
      Causation: A Realist Approach by Michael Tooley; Probability and Causality: Essays in Honor of Wesley C. Salmon by James Fetzer
      Review by: J. Woodward
  4. Reviews

  5. Obituary: R. B. Braithwaite (1900-1990) (pp. 579-580)
    D. H. Mellor
  6. Recent Publications (pp. 581-584)