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Limnology and Oceanography

Vol. 6, No. 1, Jan., 1961

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. The Tidal System of Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela (pp. 1-12)
    Alfred C. Redfield
  3. Sources of Phosphorus and Nitrogen for Lakes on Afognak Island (pp. 13-23)
    Richard C. Dugdale and Vera A. Dugdale
  4. Sun-Altitude Effect on the Distribution of Underwater Light (pp. 24-25)
    J. E. Tyler
  5. Negentropy Flow in Communities of Plankton (pp. 26-30)
    Bernard C. Patten
  6. A Biological Assay for Thiamine in Sea Water (pp. 31-35)
    Helen S. Vishniac
  7. Cobalamin and Thiamine in Long Island Sound: Patterns of Distribution and Ecological Significance (pp. 36-41)
    H. S. Vishniac and G. A. Riley
  8. The Effect of Tween 80 on the Enumeration of Marine Bacteria by the Spread and Pour Plate Methods (pp. 42-44)
    John D. Buck and Robert C. Cleverdon
  9. Phytoplankton and Chlorophyll in the Gerlache and Bransfield Straits of Antarctica (pp. 45-52)
    Paul R. Burkholder and John M. Sieburth
  10. Surface Schooling and Feeding Behavior in the White Bass, Roccus chrysops (Rafinesque), in Lake Mendota (pp. 53-60)
    Donald C. McNaught and Arthur D. Hasler
  11. Relations Between Primary Production, Chlorophyll and Particulate Carbon (pp. 68-78)
    J. H. Steele and I. E. Baird
  12. Notes and Comment

  13. Book Reviews

  14. Back Matter