Social Studies of Science

Vol. 33, No. 2, Apr., 2003

Published by: Sage Publications, Ltd.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Editorial (pp. 155-159)
    Michael Lynch
  3. Obituary: David Owen Edge (4 September 1932-28 January 2003) (pp. 171-176)
    David Bloor
  4. In Memoriam: David Edge (pp. 177-179+181-183+185-187+189-195)
    Sheila Jasanoff, Roy MacLeod, Harry Collins, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Aant Elzinga, Mary Frank Fox, Bruno Latour, Trevor Pinch, Wes Shrum and Stephen Barr
  5. A Black Technician and Blue Babies (pp. 197-229)
    Stefan Timmermans
  6. Science Consultants, Fictional Films, and Scientific Practice (pp. 231-268)
    David A. Kirby
  7. Research Note

  8. Review

  9. Back Matter