The International History Review

Vol. 27, No. 3, Sep., 2005

Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd.

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. The Culture of Combat

  3. Review Articles

    • The Basque Diaspora in the New World (pp. 567-573)
      The New World inside a Basque Village: The Oiartzun Valley and Its Atlantic Emigrants, 1550-1800 by Juan Javier Pescador; Possible Paradises: Basque Emigration to Latin America by José Manuel Azcona Pastor, Roland Vazquez; Identity, Culture, and Politics in the Basque Diaspora by Gloria P. Totoricagüena
      Review by: Mark A. Burkholder
    • Economics versus Geopolitics in South Africa (pp. 574-580)
      The Lion and the Springbok: Britain and South Africa since the Boer War by Ronald Hyam, Peter Henshaw; A History of Inequality in South Africa, 1652-2002 by Sampie Terreblanche
      Review by: Bill Nasson
  4. Reviews of Books

  5. Collected Essays (pp. 703-705)
  6. Back Matter