The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Vol. 16, No. 4, December 2010

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Symbolic classification: retrospective remarks on an unrecognized invention (pp. 707-725)
    Gregory Forth
  3. Compelling replication: Genesis 1:26, John 3:16, and biblical politics in Fiji (pp. 743-760)
    Matt Tomlinson
  4. The charismatic family: the Family of Love and the British middle class (pp. 778-796)
    David Riches
  5. Embodied worlds: a semiotic phenomenology of Satyananda Yoga (pp. 797-815)
    Asha Persson
  6. The re-emergence of 'trafficking': sex work between slavery and freedom (pp. 816-834)
    Sophie Day
  7. Fragmentary pleasures: masculinity, urban spaces, and commodity politics in Delhi (pp. 835-852)
    Sanjay Srivastava
  8. 'The market sets the price': determining prices in a Bolivian marketplace (pp. 853-873)
    Kathleen E. Gordon
  9. Haunting Malayness: the multicultural uncanny in a new Indonesian province (pp. 874-891)
    Nicholas J. Long
  10. Correspondences

  11. Review article

    • Possessed prose (pp. 901-904)
      Island of demons by Nigel Barley; A shadow falls: in the heart of Java by Andrew Beatty
      Review by: Jeremy MacClancy
  12. Book reviews

  13. Books received (pp. 952-955)
  14. Back Matter