T'oung Pao

Vol. 97, Fasc. 1/3, 2011

Published by: Brill

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Publisher's Note
    Albert Hoffstädt Brill
  3. Envisioning a Monastery: A Seventeenth-Century Buddhist Fundraising Appeal Album (pp. 104-159)
    Elizabeth Kindall
  4. Review article

    • Recent Monographs on Confucius and Early Confucianism (pp. 160-201)
      Il confucianesimo: i fondamenti e i testi by Maurizio Scarpari; Confucius: A Life of Thought and Politics by Annping Chin; Confucius. Sagesses éternelles by Rémi Mathieu; Lives of Confucius by Michael Nylan, Thomas Wilson; Sang jia gou: wo du Lunyu 喪家狗—我讀 ⟪論語⟫. Revised edition. Two volumes by Li Ling 李零; Qu sheng nai de zhen Kongzi: Lunyu zongheng du 去聖乃得真孔子—⟪論語⟫ 縱橫讀 by Li Ling 李零; Confucius. Spiritualités vivantes, vol. 198 by Jean Levi
      Review by: Oliver Weingarten
  5. Book Reviews

  6. Back Matter