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Estuaries and Coasts

Vol. 35, No. 3, MAY 2012

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter

  3. Ecosystem Engineering Effects of Aster tripolium and Salicornia procumbens Salt Marsh on Macrofaunal Community Structure (pp. 714-726)
    Daphne van der Wal and Peter M. J. Herman
  4. The Effects of Integrated Marsh Management (IMM) on Salt Marsh Vegetation, Nekton, and Birds (pp. 727-742)
    Ilia Rochlin, Mary-Jane James-Pirri, Susan C. Adamowicz, Mary E. Dempsey, Thomas Iwanejko and Dominick V. Ninivaggi
  5. Connectivity Among Salt Marsh Subhabitats: Residency and Movements of the Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) (pp. 743-753)
    Kenneth W. Able, Deborah N. Vivian, Gina Petruzzelli and Stacy M. Hagan
  6. Salt Marsh Fucoid Algae: Overlooked Ecosystem Engineers of North Temperate Salt Marshes (pp. 754-762)
    Megan C. Tyrrell, Michele Dionne and Sarah A. Eberhardt
  7. Short- and Long-Term Vegetative Propagation of Two Spartina Species on a Salt Marsh in Southern Brazil (pp. 763-773)
    Juliano César Marangoni and César Serra Bonifácio Costa
  8. Ecological Effects of Shoreline Armoring on Intertidal Habitats of a Puget Sound Urban Estuary (pp. 774-784)
    Sarah A. Morley, Jason D. Toft and Karrie M. Hanson
  9. Modern Vegetation and Pollen Relationships in Four Southwestern Atlantic Coastal Lagoons (pp. 785-798)
    Lorena Rodríguez-Gallego, Silvana Masciadri and Mariana Nin
  10. The Role of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Structuring the Nearshore Fish Community Within an Estuary of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence (pp. 799-810)
    Allison Schein, Simon C. Courtenay, Cindy S. Crane, Kevin L. Teather and Michael R. van den Heuvel
  11. Isotopic Ratios Reveal Mixed Seasonal Variation Among Fishes from Two Subtropical Estuarine Systems (pp. 811-820)
    Jill A. Olin, Scott A. Rush, M. Aaron MacNeil and Aaron T. Fisk
  12. Food Web Structure and Trophic Control in Central Puget Sound (pp. 821-838)
    Chris J. Harvey, Gregory D. Williams and Phillip S. Levin
  13. Phytoplankton Size and Taxonomic Composition in a Temperate Estuary Influenced by Monsoon (pp. 839-852)
    Yongsik Sin, Bonggil Hyun, Quang-Dung Bach, Sungryull Yang and Chul Park
  14. Sublethal Effects of Crude Oil on the Community Structure of Estuarine Phytoplankton (pp. 853-861)
    Kailen Gilde and James L. Pinckney
  15. The Contribution of Benthic Nutrient Regeneration to Primary Production in a Shallow Eutrophic Estuary, Weeks Bay, Alabama (pp. 862-877)
    Behzad Mortazavi, Ashley A. Riggs, Jane M. Caffrey, Hélène Genet and Scott W. Phipps
  16. Red Waters of Myrionecta rubra are Biogeochemical Hotspots for the Columbia River Estuary with Impacts on Primary/Secondary Productions and Nutrient Cycles (pp. 878-891)
    Lydie Herfort, Tawnya D. Peterson, Fredrick G. Prahl, Lee Ann McCue, Joseph A. Needoba, Byron C. Crump, G. Curtis Roegner, Victoria Campbell and Peter Zuber

  18. Back Matter