Bible, Borders, Belonging(s)
Book Description:

Engaging voices crossing textual limits, race, and ethnic lines

In this collection of essays, scholars from Oceania open a new dialog regarding the vast, complex, and slippery nature of the Bible and the fluid meanings of borders and belongings. From belonging in a place, a group, or movement to belongings as material and cultural possessions, from borders of a text, discipline, or thought to borders of nations, communities, or bodies, the authors follow the currents of Oceania to the shores of Asia and beyond. Scholars contributing essays include Jeffrey W. Aernie, Merilyn Clark, Jione Havea, Gregory C. Jenks, Jeanette Mathews, Judith E. McKinlay, Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, David J. Neville, John Painter, Kathleen P. Rushton, Ruth Sheridan, Nasili Vaka'uta, and Elaine M. Wainwright. Michele A. Connolly, David M. Gunn, and Mark G. Brett provide responses to the essays.


Discussion of the impacts of natural disasters and political and ecological upheavals on biblical interpretation and theological reflectionFourteen essays on texts in the Hebrew Bible and New TestamentThree responses to the essays provide a range of views on the topics

eISBN: 978-1-58983-957-1
Subjects: Religion, Language & Literature