Sourcebook for Ancient Mesopotamian Medicine
Book Description:

An introductory guide for scholars and students of the ancient Near East and the history of medicine

In this collection JoAnn Scurlock assembles and translates medical texts that provided instructions for ancient doctors and pharmacists. Scurlock unpacks the difficult, technical vocabulary that describes signs and symptoms as well as procedures and plants used in treatments. This fascinating material shines light on the development of medicine in the ancient Near East, yet these tablets were essentially inaccessible to anyone without an expertise in cuneiform. Scurlock's work fills this gap by providing a key resource for teaching and research.


Accessible translations and transliterations for both specialists and non-specialistsTexts include a range of historical periods and regionsTherapeutic, pharmacological, and diagnostic texts

eISBN: 978-1-58983-971-7
Subjects: History, Health Sciences