Women and Well-Being
Book Description:

Monique Bégin begins the first section, which deals with women's physical and mental health, with a critical evaluation of the Canadian health-care system. In the section on women's well-being in the workplace, Caroline Andrew, Cécile Coderre, and Ann Denis examine the situation of a group of women managers, and Nancy Guberman explores the role of women in caring for dependent adults in the home and community. The third section investigates the issue of well-being for minority women: Kabahenda Nyakabwa and Carol D.H. Harvey analyse the case of Black immigrant women and Mary O'Brien reviews the stereotypes of older, unmarried women. In the final section, the authors -- among them Marguerite Andersen, Maureen Leyland, and Maureen Jessop Orton -- concern themselves with ensuring the well-being of women by increasing their power in society through knowledge.

eISBN: 978-0-7735-6231-8
Subjects: Health Sciences