The American Voice Anthology of Poetry

The American Voice Anthology of Poetry

Edited by Frederick Smock
Copyright Date: 1998
Pages: 152
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    The American Voice Anthology of Poetry
    Book Description:

    The American Voicelooks to find the vital edge of modern American writing. The journal, whose contributors come from the U.S., Canada, and Latin America, often publishes work by writers denied access to mainstream journals. Writings from its pages have been regularly reprinted in prize annuals such asThe Pushcart Prize,Best American Poetry, andBest American Essays.

    This fifteenth anniversary anthology collects eighty poems from some of the most original and daring writers of our time. The anthology's contributors range from the world famous Jorge Luis Borges, Marge Piercy, May Swenson to the newly emerging Marie Sheppard Williams, Suzanne Gardinier, Robyn Selman and from the nationally read Wendell Berry, Reynolds Price, Barbara Kingsolver to the distinctly regional George Ella Lyon, Jane Gentry, James Still.

    This volume brings together some of the best selections from an award-winning journal, making clear whySmall PressdubbedThe American Voiceone of the "most impressive journals in the country."

    eISBN: 978-0-8131-5781-8
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. ii-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-vii)
  3. Preface
    (pp. viii-xii)
    Frederick Smock
  4. Acknowledgments
    (pp. xiii-xiv)
  5. The Text is Flesh
    (pp. 1-3)
    Paula Gunn Allen
  6. What I Learned in the Wars
    (pp. 4-5)
    Yehuda Amichai
  7. One of Us
    (pp. 6-6)
    Wendell Berry
  8. The Heart of Quang Duc
    (pp. 7-8)
    Michael Blumenthal
  9. One of Lee’s Soldiers
    (pp. 9-9)
    Jorge Luis Borges
  10. Laborare Est Orare
    (pp. 10-10)
    Diana Brebner
  11. Sacred Heart
    (pp. 11-11)
    Lee Ellen Briccetti
  12. Evensong
    (pp. 12-13)
    Olga Broumas
  13. Fixing the Barn
    (pp. 14-15)
    Joseph Bruchac
  14. Woman Ironing
    (pp. 16-16)
    Olga Cabral
  15. “For Those Dead, Our Dead…”
    (pp. 17-18)
    Ernesto Cardenal
  16. The Long Way Around
    (pp. 19-19)
    Barbara Carey
  17. The Week
    (pp. 20-20)
    Richard Chess
  18. Autumn Leaves
    (pp. 21-21)
    Marilyn Chin
  19. Lady of the Haystack
    (pp. 22-23)
    Jennifer Clement
  20. For a Birthday
    (pp. 24-24)
    Jane Cooper
  21. Poem of the Foreigners’ Moment in Our Jungle
    (pp. 25-26)
    Pablo Antonio Cuadra
  22. Broadway
    (pp. 27-29)
    Mark Doty
  23. So Much of My Garden Is Iris
    (pp. 30-30)
    Sue Terry Driskell
  24. Anoint the Ariston
    (pp. 31-32)
    Odysseas Elytis
  25. Puritans
    (pp. 33-34)
    Elaine Equi
  26. Gravity
    (pp. 35-37)
    Jan Freeman
  27. Lynx Light
    (pp. 38-38)
    Tess Gallagher
  28. Where Blind Sorrow Is Taught to See
    (pp. 39-40)
    Suzanne Gardinier
  29. My Mother’s Clothes
    (pp. 41-41)
    Jane Gentry
  30. Sonnet for the Last Empress of China
    (pp. 42-42)
    Sarah Gorham
  31. By the Waters of Babylon
    (pp. 43-43)
    E. J. Graff
  32. Against Elegies
    (pp. 44-48)
    Marilyn Hacker
  33. Cape Light
    (pp. 49-49)
    James Baker Hall
  34. Drum
    (pp. 50-50)
    Linda Hogan
  35. One Note Tolling
    (pp. 51-52)
    Lynda Hull
  36. A Court Proposal
    (pp. 53-53)
    Ha Jin
  37. Winter Apples
    (pp. 54-54)
    Myrr Jonason
  38. The Music Lesson
    (pp. 55-56)
    Brigit Pegeen Kelly
  39. After the Hurricane
    (pp. 57-57)
    Jane Kenyon
  40. Deadline
    (pp. 58-59)
    Barbara Kingsolver
  41. Camouflaging the Chimera
    (pp. 60-61)
    Yusef Komunyakaa
  42. Persistent Heat
    (pp. 62-62)
    Natalie Kusz
  43. The Wandering Words
    (pp. 63-63)
    James Laughlin
  44. Aphasia
    (pp. 64-64)
    Dorianne Laux
  45. A Story
    (pp. 65-65)
    Li-Young Lee
  46. In that Desert written for the AIDS Wall in Portland, 1989
    (pp. 66-66)
    Ursula LeGuin
  47. For Ishi
    (pp. 67-67)
    Sabra Loomis
  48. Silence
    (pp. 68-68)
    George Ella Lyon
  49. Guatemala, Your Name
    (pp. 69-70)
    Carmen Matute
  50. Skull-Light
    (pp. 71-71)
    Medbh McGuckian
  51. Quilt of Rights
    (pp. 72-72)
    Sandra McPherson
  52. Snafu
    (pp. 73-73)
    Jim Wayne Miller
  53. The New Stove
    (pp. 74-74)
    Maureen Morehead
  54. Woman, Embracing Tree
    (pp. 75-75)
    Adrian Oktenberg
  55. Animal Catechism
    (pp. 76-77)
    Olga Orozco
  56. The Evening News (A letter to Nina Simone)
    (pp. 78-86)
    Brenda Marie Osbey
  57. Redemption Songs
    (pp. 87-88)
    Eric Pankey
  58. Willow
    (pp. 89-89)
    Suzanne Paola
  59. To a Daughter Leaving Home
    (pp. 90-90)
    Linda Pastan
  60. Dead Waters
    (pp. 91-91)
    Marge Piercy
  61. The Dream of Salt
    (pp. 92-92)
    Reynolds Price
  62. Sarah Shawcross (1919-1953)
    (pp. 93-93)
    James Reiss
  63. Goodbye to Robert Graves (1895-1985)
    (pp. 94-94)
    Natasha Saje
  64. Avec Amour
    (pp. 95-98)
    Robyn Selman
  65. Backcountry
    (pp. 99-100)
    Charles Semones
  66. Small Talk
    (pp. 101-102)
    Aleda Shirley
  67. In Memoriam
    (pp. 103-104)
    Dennis Silk
  68. Lies
    (pp. 105-105)
    Eva Skrande
  69. Entry
    (pp. 106-106)
    Woodridge Spears
  70. Apples in the Well
    (pp. 107-107)
    James Still
  71. Metamorphosis
    (pp. 108-108)
    Ruth Stone
  72. Graveyard Quilt
    (pp. 109-109)
    Catherine Sutton
  73. The Lone Pedestrian
    (pp. 110-117)
    May Swenson
  74. The Dialectic of Snow in the Phases of Wonder
    (pp. 118-118)
    Richard Taylor
  75. In Memory of a Closed House
    (pp. 119-119)
    Jorge Teillier
  76. The World Is
    (pp. 120-121)
    Richard Tillinghast
  77. An Unceasing Flow of Tears
    (pp. 122-122)
    Edwina Trentham
  78. X: For Patrick Henisse, Dead of AIDS, In Memory
    (pp. 123-123)
    Jean Valentine
  79. Amma’s Ruby
    (pp. 124-124)
    Reetika Vazirani
  80. Invitation
    (pp. 125-127)
    Cia White
  81. Exile: Jerusalem
    (pp. 128-128)
    Ruth Whitman
  82. Sonya
    (pp. 129-129)
    Marie Sheppard Williams
  83. Mother’s Day
    (pp. 130-130)
    Daisy Zamora
  84. Back Matter
    (pp. 131-140)