Atlantic Wall and Other Poems

Atlantic Wall and Other Poems

Copyright Date: 1974
Pages: 93
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    Atlantic Wall and Other Poems
    Book Description:

    A noted historian of Renaissance English literature and scholar of comparative literature, Rosalie L. Colie was also a serious poet. This volume brings together 31 of her poems, illustrating the striking interplay between her scholarship and her personal response to the world. The title poem and the shorter poems that follow testify to Professor Colie's versatility as a poet. There are sonnets, elegies, metaphysical speculations, pastorals, love poems all imbued with the intelligence and sensibility that pervaded her life and work.

    Originally published in 1975.

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    eISBN: 978-1-4008-6786-8
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Foreword
    (pp. v-vi)

    After Rosalie Colie’s death in the summer of 1972 her father sent to Mr. George Robinson, her friend and editor at Princeton University Press, a collection of her poems, all but “Atlantic Wall” previously unpublished. Although Judge Colie sent them as a gesture of friendship and with no thought of publication, with his permission we offer a selection of them here. They bear witness to the tuning of her imagination and spirit by the depth and variety of her learning and her life.

    As a scholar Miss Colie, Professor of English at Brown University, was known for her contributions to...

  3. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-2)
  4. Atlantic Wall
    (pp. 3-40)
  5. Farmstead
    (pp. 41-42)
  6. A Divination in October for Spring
    (pp. 43-43)
  7. Meadow in Spring
    (pp. 44-44)
  8. Petrarch’s Vaucluse
    (pp. 45-45)
  9. Homo Faber on His Birthday
    (pp. 46-47)
  10. Timepiece
    (pp. 48-48)
  11. Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus
    (pp. 49-49)
  12. Cordelia
    (pp. 50-50)
  13. Views of Delft
    (pp. 51-53)
  14. Eve to Adam
    (pp. 54-54)
  15. The Shortest Distance
    (pp. 55-58)
  16. Leda
    (pp. 59-59)
  17. We inherit original sin
    (pp. 60-60)
  18. State of Nature
    (pp. 61-61)
  19. Earth’s Sonnet
    (pp. 62-62)
  20. Eurydice
    (pp. 63-63)
  21. A Valediction Forbidding Mourning
    (pp. 64-65)
  22. A Valediction of the Imagination
    (pp. 66-67)
  23. Sonnets
  24. The End
    (pp. 76-76)
  25. Night Animals
    (pp. 77-77)
  26. Amour Propre
    (pp. 78-78)
  27. Falling Out
    (pp. 79-79)
  28. My love is neat
    (pp. 80-80)
  29. Your hurt is only in my mind
    (pp. 81-81)
  30. Where I Lie
    (pp. 82-82)
  31. My peregrine slipped her jesses
    (pp. 83-83)
  32. Pastoral
    (pp. 84-84)
  33. Most memorable pains we manage to forget
    (pp. 85-85)
  34. Back Matter
    (pp. 86-86)