Church and State in the City
Book Description:

Church and State in the Cityprovides the first comprehensive analysis of the city's long debate about the public interest. Historian William Issel explores the complex ways that the San Francisco Catholic Church-and its lay men and women-developed relationships with the local businesses, unions, other community groups, and city government to shape debates about how to define and implement the common good. Issel's deeply researched narrative also sheds new light on the city's socialists, including Communist Party activists-the most important transnational challengers of both capitalism and Catholicism during the twentieth century.

Moreover,Church and State in the Cityis revisionist in challenging the notion that the history of urban politics and policy can best be understood as the unfolding of a progressive, secular modernization of urban political culture. Issel shows how tussles over the public interest in San Francisco were both distinctive to the city and shaped by its American character.

In the seriesUrban Life, Landscape, and Policy, edited by Zane L. Miller, David Stradling, and Larry Bennett

eISBN: 978-1-4399-0993-5
Subjects: History, Religion, Political Science