Letters, 1-91

Letters, 1-91

Copyright Date: 1954
Pages: 535
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    Letters, 1-91
    Book Description:

    The Letters 1-91 of Saint Ambrose.

    eISBN: 978-0-8132-1126-8
    Subjects: Religion

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-xiv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. xv-2)
    (pp. 3-66)

    I DO NOT LACK affection, most Christian of princes: I have nothing more true and glorious to say than this. I am not lacking in affection, I say, but a sense of awe has kept my affection from meeting your Clemency. If I did not go on foot to meet you as you returned, I did meet you in spirit, I met you with prayer, in which lies the most important duty of a bishop. I met you, I say? When I was not with you, did I not follow with all my love you to whom I clung with...

    (pp. 67-206)

    I HAVE BEEN quite sure for a long time of what I have just now read; you were mine by your deeds even though I had not laid eyes on you. I grieve over that which has happened, but I rejoice over the later happy succession of events. I did not wish that to happen while I lived, yet I did hope after his death that only one of this merit might possibly be his successor. And so we have you, the disciple for a long time of Acholius of blessed memory, now his successor and the heir of his...

    (pp. 207-230)

    WE GIVE THANKS to your holy Unanimity which honored us with the presence of all of you in the persons of our lords and brethren, Constantius and Proculus. At the same time, following the customs of your predecessors, you added no slight weight to our deliberations when your Holiness agreed to our statements, dearly beloved lords and brethren. Therefore, as we gladly welcomed those revered men of your assembly and ours, so are we sending them away with a rich testimony of thanks.

    How necessary was a meeting such as we held is evident from the very events which took...

    (pp. 231-364)

    THE PROPHETS foretold the gathering of the Gentiles and the future rearing of the Church, yet in the Church there is not only the continual progress of courageous souls, but also the failure of the weak and their conversion anew. Therefore, we can conclude from the prophetic books that the fair and strong soul proceeds without stumbling, but the weak one falls and recovers from her falls and amends her way.

    As we read in the Canticle of Canticles of the continual progress of the blessed soul, so let us consider in Micheas the conversion of the fallen soul of...

    (pp. 365-398)

    IN MOST of your letters you make anxious inquiry about the church. Hear, then, what is going on: The day after I received your letter, in which you remarked that your dreams were troubling you, a great wave of serious disturbances began overwhelming us. This time it was not the Portian Basilica, that is, the one outside the walls,¹ which was being demanded [by the Arians], but the new basilica, that is, the one inside the walls, the larger one.

    First, the military authorities,² imperial counts,³ came with their command to me to hand over the [new] basilica⁴ and also...

    (pp. 399-515)

    THE HONORABLE Antiochus² delivered to me your Excellency’s letter, and I have not been remiss in sending a reply. I dispatched a letter to you by my own messengers, and, unless I am mistaken, sent another when a second opportunity arose.³ Feeling as I do that we are to amass rather than carefully weigh out tokens of friendship, it became my duty to make some return of correspondence, especially since our friend upon returning put me under obligation by mentioning your letters. Only thus might I stand clear with each of you, and he with you, for he was bound...