Legend, Myth, and Magic in the Image of the Artist
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"This is the first English translation of a brief, scholarly, and brilliantly original work which sets out to examine the links between the legend of the artist, in all cultures, and what E.H. Gombrich, in an introductory essay, calls 'certain invariant traits of the human psyche.'"-Denis Thomas,Journal of the Royal Society of Arts"This book gathers together various legends and attitudes about artists, ancient and modern, East and West, and gives fascinating insights into attitudes toward artistic creation. It impinges on psychology, art history and history, aesthetics, biography, myth and magic, and will be of great interest to a wide audience in many fieldsā€¦. A delightful and unrivalled study."-Howard Hibbard"Thought provoking and valuableā€¦. To all those interested in psychiatry and art from the perspectives of history, criticism, or therapy and to the wide audience concerned with the psychology of aesthetics and of artistic creation."-Albert Rothenberg,American Journal of PsychiatryErnst Kriswas a psychoanalyst who wrote on a wide variety of subjects, including art.Otto Kurzwas librarian of the Warburg Institute in London.

eISBN: 978-0-300-16179-3
Subjects: Art & Art History