ISO27001 in a Windows ® Environment
Book Description:

Organisations can minimise the risks to the vital information in their possession by putting in place an information security management system (ISMS). However, this can provide a significant implementation challenge for any organisation. A significant number of the controls to be applied will, of necessity, be technical and will relate to how IT hardware and software are set up and configured. Once an organisation decides to adopt ISO27001, it will be the job of the IT team to implement many of the associated controls. As a result, there is often a gulf in understanding as to what is required between the ISO27001 ISMS project manager and those responsible for implementing the technical controls. Implementing ISO27001 in a Windows® Environment, Second Edition, enables parties on both sides to bridge the gulf. It helps both IT managers and ISMS project managers to understand the requirements of ISO27001 and its step-by-step advice will make the road to ISO27001 implementation much easier. Providing practical advice on how to configure and secure a Microsoft® environment using ISO27001 controls, the book shows IT managers how they can take advantage of the Microsoft® technologies at their disposal.

eISBN: 978-1-84928-050-1
Subjects: Technology