The Endarkenment

The Endarkenment

Copyright Date: 2008
Pages: 88
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    The Endarkenment
    Book Description:

    "Known for his commanding stage presence as a reader, McDaniel trades hard in his fourth book on his rough-and-tumble persona--a recovering addict from the working class streets--while also showing softer sides. McDaniel's sometimes awkward, if earnest searching might just be what allows him to find moments of great beauty, humor and stillness." --Publishers Weekly

    "McDaniel is known for his talent performing his poems, however his voice doesn't lose its impact in written form. It may be more powerful because the reader can view the poet's unique ideas and phrases over and over until their various meanings sink in." -Gently Read Literature

    "McDaniel zings metaphors across the page like he's the Robin Williams of poetry. This collection in frequently moving and inventive with enough lightheartedness and whimsy to balance the heaviness of the darker moments."

    Jeffrey McDanielis the author ofAlibi School, The Forgiveness Parade,andThe Splinter Factory. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, includingBest American Poetry 1994, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry,andNew (American) Poets. He has won several awards, including an NEA Fellowship. He teaches creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College.

    eISBN: 978-0-8229-9067-3
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. [i]-[viii])
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. [ix]-[x])
  3. Confessions of a Flawed Deity
    (pp. 3-4)
  4. Origins
    (pp. 5-5)
  5. Summer of Stationary Road Trips
    (pp. 6-7)
  6. The Pool
    (pp. 8-9)
  7. Heavy Breather Zoo
    (pp. 10-10)
  8. what I left out of “Summer of Stationary Road Trips”
    (pp. 11-11)
  9. The Quicksand Hourglass
    (pp. 12-13)
  10. Exercising My Demons
    (pp. 14-14)
  11. Zugzwang
    (pp. 15-16)
  12. The Endarkenment
    (pp. 19-20)
  13. Ethel Rosenberg Addressing Her Brother, David Greenglass
    (pp. 21-21)
  14. Matisse/Picasso Painting Exchange, 1907
    (pp. 22-22)
  15. The Real Dick Cheney
    (pp. 23-23)
  16. The Soul Farmer
    (pp. 24-24)
  17. from The Emotional Warrior Handbook
    (pp. 25-25)
  18. Trent Lott Addressing the Log Cabin Republicans
    (pp. 26-26)
  19. Meditations on the Death Penalty
    (pp. 27-28)
  20. Guidebook to Nowhere
    (pp. 31-31)
  21. Lament for a Shriveling Flesh Plant
    (pp. 32-32)
  22. i send you this leaf
    (pp. 33-33)
  23. don’t touch it!
    (pp. 34-34)
  24. Good
    (pp. 35-35)
  25. Compulsively Allergic to the Truth
    (pp. 36-37)
  26. New Word for Tongue
    (pp. 38-38)
  27. Arrivederci Lipstick
    (pp. 39-39)
  28. Impersonal Ad #47
    (pp. 40-40)
  29. from The Diaries of Cinnamon Holloway
    (pp. 41-41)
  30. Boner Etiquette
    (pp. 42-42)
  31. morning walk, 43 hours without sleep
    (pp. 45-46)
  32. Whitman on the F
    (pp. 47-48)
  33. Watch the Closing Doors
    (pp. 49-50)
  34. Air Empathy
    (pp. 51-51)
  35. Wildlife on the 4
    (pp. 52-52)
  36. Odysseus on the G
    (pp. 53-53)
  37. St. Theresa of the 6
    (pp. 54-54)
  38. Blessings from the Shrine Pit
    (pp. 55-56)
  39. Little Sadness
    (pp. 59-59)
  40. Oblivion Chiclets
    (pp. 60-61)
  41. Day 4305
    (pp. 62-65)
  42. The USS Goodbye
    (pp. 66-66)
  43. Self-Portrait as a Trampoline, or the six-month anniversary of my daughter’s birth
    (pp. 67-67)
  44. Just for the Record
    (pp. 68-68)
  45. The Outburst
    (pp. 69-70)
  46. Self-Portrait as a Stick of Butter, or the four-day anniversary of my daughter’s birth
    (pp. 71-72)
  47. Acknowledgments
    (pp. 73-73)